• @madiheartmakeup
    Seriously!!! Get Clarissa and Alex Mack. Leggo! #itsthe90s #ChristmasMiracle
  • @wolfpupy
    not really a secret world of alex mack if you are broadcasting it on national television if you ask me
  • @TJECS206
    @ProdigalReality career that cut short, not one of the Jaguars seasons. Alex Mack this year for CLE seems a strong candidate though.
  • @dgant43
    @JRCherry3 can you discuss how if at all the loss of Alex Mack changed the entire season
  • @KevinKvasnok12
    @PatMcManamon besides Joe Haden, Alex Mack,Phil Taylor ,Joe Thomas 1rd picks havn''t been good.
  • @KevinKvasnok12
    @President_MUT you being bias just as much as me Gibson,Joe Haden,Joe Thomas,Alex Mack,Joel Bitonio all pro bowl potential for Browns
  • @Chris_Sanni
    @T_Davis05 I think people forgot that our pro bowl center Alex Mack is out...I don''t understand why people are giving up on him already
  • @RickFargoTV
    @ufcsonnenfan Alex Mack proved he''s worth every $ he got. That was the season
  • @FlopCitySports
    The MVP of the NFL should be awarded to Alex Mack. Browns were never the same after he went down, especially at the QB position
  • @Chad_Stetter
    IMO...Alex Mack is the Browns best offensive player...
  • @Roll_TANK_Roll
    Anyone know the Browns record since they lost Alex Mack?
  • @GeorgeBlack
    @BrownsRadio Over when Alex Mack went down--offense linchpin.1st yr for new FO & coach staff. Didn''t expect them to do as well as they have.
  • @DWashington34
    Losing Tashaun Gipson and Alex Mack killed the Browns this year.
  • @paismaker
    Losing Alex Mack was the beginning of the Browns'' demise. The O-line has been like Swiss cheese the last few weeks
  • @King_Connor29
    Time for Browns to get ready for the draft. 7-9 season killed by so many injuries on the defense & also Alex Mack getting injured, its NFL
  • @a_jhenson15
    Haden, Gipson, Phil T... 3 HUGE injuries that change our D. Not to mention Alex Mack. Our run game hasn''t been the same since his injury 🚑
  • @marion_ohio
    @CurtHeinrichs true. It was a good season. Lot to build on. Game changed when alex mack went down, smdh.
  • @BolackObama_FBS
    Alex Mack RT @MicWreck_SI: What Happened To The Browns From The Beginning Of The Season?
  • @Phillip_Dang
    The Browns have regressed each week in all phases of the ball. Started with the Alex Mack injury
  • @theJtodaZ
    In reality the Browns season ended the minute Alex Mack went down for the year, inability to run the ball changed the entire offseason
  • @HAMmoore50
    @Sdoc79 it''s actually the replacement of the replacement for Alex Mack!
  • @ron_rinaldi
    @TheTrivShow I''ve said it before and I''ll say it again now; the Browns'' season turned on a dime when Alex Mack got injured. #Indisputable
  • @cjhouk17
    Alex Mack plays all year, Browns make the playoffs. Injury destroyed the whole offense @DustinFox37
  • @Sdoc79
    That center they got to replace Alex Mack is a joke #sobad
  • @Rhark_CleSports
    I wonder how good the Browns season could''ve been if Alex Mack was healthy. Pro Bowl center makes a huge difference
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